get-meteoalarm-warning-inc.php - V3.16 - 08-Mar-2023

Configuration needed:
The EMMA_ID(s) are not specified in Settings.php $SITE['EUwarnings'] entry.
Use the meteoalarm map to locate the EMMA_ID for your area, and put it in the Settings.php $SITE['EUwarnings'] entry.
You may use more than one EMMA_ID if you like. Just separate them with a comma (,) like

$SITE['EUwarnings'] = 'DK002,DK004,DK005';

You may use more than one country's EMMA_ID, but be aware that each country specified will increase the delay in page loading due to data access.

You must also include in Settings.php:

$SITE['useMeteoalarm'] = true;

to activate the displays in both wxindex.php and wxadvisory.php.